A pump revival.

Renowned repair, rebuild and refurbish.

You came to the right place. And so did your pump. Schwing CPR is the leader in giving concrete pumps a second life, and in many cases giving pumping operations new life. Whether you come for repairs or to purchase refurbished or new pumps, you’ll clearly see how mastery, experience and attention to the smallest details creates the standard by which all else is measured. Nothing here second-hand. Only first-rate. This is the standard you set.

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We’ve earned our reputation. It’s how we’ll earn your business.

We repair, restore and ultimately build confidence in preowned equipment. When we’re not building the finest concrete pumps in the world, we’re creating a second generation of rivals. That’s the power and potential of pumps restored by Schwing CPR.


We take you step by step through the process of identifying the perfect preowned pump for your operation. You found the right place. The first of many good decisions to follow.

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And a fully engaged process for choosing your operation’s next asset. We’ll uncover and explain every stone and answer any question. We’ve got you covered inside and out.

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It doesn’t need the Schwing name on it to get the Schwing mark left on it. The only name that matters is yours. And getting your equipment running to its full potential. So bring us your Putzmeister. We’ll love it like our own.

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The next best thing to a great outcome is achieving it with a process made easy. No hassle and no surprises. Other than your refurbished equipment running like new. This is a service department at your service.

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